Santo Antão Tour Partners

Cape Verde is a country of 10 islands and all these island are unique in their very own way. We connect with partners who share the same vision as we do - for a 100% sustainable and fair tourism on Cape Verde.

Abel Tours Boa Vista

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Emanuel (Cape Verdean) and Anita (Swiss) have been a team for several years, both privately and in everyday work. Together they founded the small company Abel-Tours, which is primarily related to local work with restaurants, farmers and sustainable tourism, where they will show you Boa Vista from an authentic side, far away from mass tourism.

With licensed, experienced drivers, the tours are mostly off-road over the barren and stony island of Boa Vista. A drive through the dunes will bring a smile to your face! They also offer boat tours, which can lead to an unforgettable experience, especially in March to May, because there are the humpback whales off the coast.