General manager and tour guide 

Santo Antão, Cape Verde

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My name is Fredson Teixeira Costa, I am 32 years old and I grew up on the island of Santo Antão, where I went to school and completed my "Tourism Guide Level IV" training. For more than six years I have been happily working as a tourist guide - in the beginning mostly with French speaking clients, later on also in English and for the future I am now learning German as well. During the past years I gained a lot of experience working with different agencies and therefore with clients from all over the world. Now, I have decided that with all my experience, my deep knowledge of Santo Antão and my great and reliable contacts all over the island, it is time to fulfill my dream and start my own agency Santo Antão Tour, so I can contribute to sustainable and locally maintained tourism here more directly. 
My job is my passion and I love sharing the beautiful and unique nature of my island with our visitors.


General manager and tour guide

Zurich, Switzerland / Santo Antão, Cape Verde

Many years of working experience in tourism and my deep love to Cape Verde brought me to Mindelo in 2019, where I worked as a product manager for a travel agency. After living on Santo Antão for six months, Fredson and I decided to create our own agency Santo Antão Tour. This is a dream of mine coming true! Leading a travel agency according to our own ideas and principles: Authentic, sustainable and 100% fair. Currently I live in Switzerland, where I am working on our programs for 2021. I frequently travel between Switzerland and Cape Verde and I am more than happy, to help you with your questions about international travels in these special times.


tour Guide

São Vicente, Cape Verde

Since 2013 I work as a tourist guide on Sao Vicente, where I grew up as a son of a very disciplinated dad. Being a military for almost 6 years and a Karate student since I was 11 years old, made me learn to see my job as a mission to be acomplished. 
Working as a tour guide is the most fulfilling job I have ever been able to do. I love to meet new people and to show them my island and culture.

Santo Antão Tour values

We believe in the benefits of tourism and the valuable exchange between different cultures. Values that define Santo Antão Tour.

  • We book local businesses: Hotels, family places, guesthouses, restaurants, drivers and so on.
  • We support local familys to create a special and authentic get together and to give small business a chance to participate.
  • For a fair distribution, we vary with the places we book.
  • We only work with partners who have the same values as we do.
  • We take care of nature because we are only visitors on this planet. We raise awarness on our hikes with local guides.
  • Our hikes are always accompanied by a local guide. This leads to more work opportunities.
  • We offer packages and programs with short transportation ways.
  • We pay fair prices. Tourism that exploits people belongs to the past.