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recycling tour

Do you not only want to travel to Cape Verde but also do something good for nature? Then this experience is just right for you. 

the project

A passionated project that runs under the name Simili that has set itself the task of transforming rubbish washed up on the beaches of São Vicente into art. The focus is on supporting local communities (especially women) while doing good for the environment. The nets collected on the beaches are transformed into pretty bags or other accessories in the studio of Salamansa. Raising awareness among the local population is particularly important to the two women who set up the project during the lockdown. Therefore, campaigns are regularly organized that involve the locals. In this way, something can also be achieved in a more sustainable way. 

Mindelo Tour, Santo Antao Tour, simili mindelo
Santo Antao Tour, Mindelo Tours, Simili Cape Verde

the tour

The tour starts in Mindelo. You drive to the coast to Norte de Baía and stop on the way at the viewpoint of the highest mountain on São Vicente: Monte Verde. Once you get to the coastal road you will do a short walk to the Praia Grande beach. Here you will receive a large bag and gloves to start with the beach clean up. You will collect various materials, such as plastic and fishing nets. Most of the rubbish washed up on the beaches does not come from Cape Verde itself, but comes from far away. Actually from a total of 22 different countries!

After the bags are filled, you will drive to Salamansa. Here you visit the Simili studio and look over the shoulders of the women as the nets are transformed into bags by traditional handwork. A local guide will then lead you through the streets of Salamansa. Here you experience the village life up close.

Finally, a well-deserved lunch awaits you right on the beach before driving back to Mindelo.

Day tour from/to Mindelo, duration: 6-7 hours