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Santo Antão Tour - your travel specialist for the most northern islands of Cape Verde

Welcome to the greenest and most diverse island of Cape Verde, Santo Antão, located in the northern part of the archipelago. Rough coasts, green valleys, high mountains and black sand beaches are waiting for you to be explored.

We are a local travel agency, specialised on hiking and discovery trips for groups and individual travelers on Santo Antão and São Vicente. We organize hotel and guesthouse reservations, transfers (including luggage transfers), guided hikes, intercultural encounters among many other services.

Santo Antão Tour values

  • We create moments that are authentic.
  • Our tourism is sustainable; we work only with locals. 
  • We respect nature and its limits. We know that we are only guests on this planet.
  • We pay fair prices. Tourism that exploits people belongs to the past. 


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hidden treasures 

group travel Cape Verde 

25.3. - 9.4.2022

*only 4 spots left 

a journey of contrasts 

We are exploring the hidden treasures of the islands Maio, Santiago, São Vicente and Santo Antão.  Desert beaches, interesting culture and green valleys - this group travel is a journey of contrasts

J O I N   U S !

** mit Schweizer Reiseleitung ab Praia / bis Mindelo

the benefits of exploring with local guides

All of our tours are always accompanied by local guides. There are several reasons for this. The local guides enable you to come into contact with the local population faster on the tours and thus experience unique moments. Our guides have had various training courses including safety, fauna and the history of Cape Verde. With our tours we enable sustainable tourism in Cape Verde, which is one of our most important company value.  Also our guides ensure that all tours run smoothly, even if something unforeseen should occur.

«A perfect organized trip, that has exceeded all my expectations.» Reto, Switzerland

«Fredson showed us his island with a lot of love and commitment. No wish was left unfulfilled.» My Way Crew, Germany

 «Fredson, our guide, was not only super professional, knowledgeable and motivated to show us all of the island's beauty on our hikes & trips but also always genuine, funny, and relaxed (=best of both worlds). We could really tell that he loves his job and has been doing it for a long time!» Malia, Switzerland 

«Que de beaux souvenirs avec toi... les amoreux d´authentic, n´hésitez pas et passez un moment avec Fredson, vous ne regrettez pas!» Stephanie, France 

«Merci beaucoup, vous etes très gentil, et surtout vous nous avais donner un peut d´histoire et beaucoup de souvenir à ramener en France!» Jessica, France

«Exactly what I needed! I will travel back home with so many beautiful memories." Jenny, Switzerland 

«Ich war durch und durch begeistert und würde die Zeit auf gar keinem Fall missen wollen. Die Erinnerungen an Santo Antão gehören wohl zu den schönsten Reiseerinnerungen die ich habe, an die ich sehr gerne zurückdenke und mich in Nostalgie schwelgen lassen.» Nira, Schweiz 

«Interesting programme "off the beaten track" » Eva & jaromir, Czech Republic

Santo Antao Cape Verde, Santo Antao Tour, Hiking Cape Verde, Kapverden Reisen, Wandern Kapverden, Trekking Cap Vert
Santo Antao Tour, Kapverden tours, hiking tours santo antao, wandern kapverden, trekking cap vert, kapverden reisen
Santo Antao Cape Verde, Santo Antao Tour, Hiking Cape Verde, Kapverden Reisen, Wandern Kapverden, Trekking Cap Vert
Santo Antao Tour, Tours Cabo Verde, Kapverden Reisen, Hiking Tours Cape Verde, Travel Cap vert, Trekking Santo Antao
Santo Antao Tour, Tours santo antao, mindelo tours, hiking tours cabo verde, trekking cap vert, cabo verde tours
Santo Antao Tour, Tours santo antao, kapverden tours, mindelo tours, islandtour santo antao, wandern kapverden, trekking cap
Santo Antao Tour, Tours santo antao, hiking tours sao vicente, mindelo tours, trekking cap vert
Santo Antao Tours, Tours Cabo Verde, Santo Antao Tour, Kapverden reisen, Trekking Cap Vert, Hiking Tours Cape Verde, Travel


an uncompromising, fair tourism on Cape Verde

 Why book with Santo Antão Tour?

We are aware that there are many tour operators and travel agencies on the market. It's not easy to decide, who to trust with the planning of your vacation. But as a local agency and travel specialist with experience in the field of sustainable tourism, such as connections all over the island, we are the specialist you're looking for. We are also very flexible and eager to fulfill your wishes and expectations and thereby create an unforgettable experience.

Santo Antão Tour will also give you the opportunity to be surprised and discover places away from the familiar without having to miss the well-known spots that also have their charm. With us you will get the best of both.

We do not measure our success with numbers but with the satisfaction of our customers, always in respect with nature and the local population.

Our mission is uncompromising:

Authentic. Sustainable. 100% fair.

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