explore cape verde 

14-days hiking roundtrip

On this private Cape Verde trip you will discover the most impressive routes in the archipelago by feet. All hikes are accompanied by local guides. You will visit the island of São Vicente, Santo Antão, Santiago and Fogo.

best of santo antão 

3 nights & 3 hikes with local guide

Welcome to the greenest island of Cape Verde. Nature and hiking fans will enjoy the island to the fullest! On the spectacular hiking routes, you can experience the island up close and enjoy unique vantage points, untouched nature and warm encounters with the locals.

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from west to east 

5 nights & 5 hikes with local guide

From the barren west to the green part of Santo Antão: these tours can hardly be surpassed in terms of highlights.This program is suitable for hikers who want to take the time to get to know the island. During this trip you will enjoy the warm hospitality of the Cape Verdeans in local guesthouses!

hiking across santiago

Discover the highlights of Santiago by walking. During 6 days you will hike through green plateaus, eat with locals, climb the highest mountain on the island, the Pico d'Antonia, and follow in the footsteps of history in the former capital of Cape Verde, Cidade Velha.

experience - fire island fogo

4 nights, 2 hikes with local guide, wine & coffee tasting on fogo 

Fogo manages to fascinate every visitor. Taste the locally grown wine and coffee in a typical family home built from lava rocks. When you climb the Pico Grande, you have the entire crater at your feet and you experience a unique feeling of freedom!