cook with locals

Learn how to prepare the traditional dish of Cape Verde Katxupa and experience a unique combination of culture, traditions and culinary highlights.

Santo Antao Tour

It used to be considered a dish for the poor - today the delicious stew is an integral part of Cape Verdean society. The Katxupa was developed during the colonial period. Local products were used to prepare the rich stew, as the imported products were simply too expensive for many local families.

Our cooking class takes place in a small mountain village in the valley of Ribeira da Torre. We prepare the Katxupa in a traditional way over the fire in a family home.

And while the Katxupa will be cooking, we will visit the village Xôxô and a beautiful waterfall on a short hike. After the excursion it's time to eat your first self made Katxupa!

Day-Tour: 6-7 hours
Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel or in Porto Novo 

Santo Antao Tour, Hike Santo Antao, Cape Verde Tours
Santgo Antao Tour, Hike Santo Antao, Cape Verde Tours