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Santo Antão Tour Guia Turístico Su Lda.
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Ribeira da Torre, Santo Antão


All the pictures shown on our website are, if not otherwise mentioned, taken by Santo Antão Tour Guia Turistico Su Lda. 


Fredson Texeira Costa, Faja, Ribeira da Torre,  Santo Antão, Cape Verde
Phone: 00238 983 88 76

General contract and reservation conditions

1. Subject of the contract
a) The contract between you and Santo Antão Tour Guia Turistico Su Lda. (hereinafter called Santo Antao Tour) comes into effect with the unconditional acceptance of your written, telephone or personal registration. From this point in time, the rights and obligations arising from the contract (including these General Contract and Travel Conditions) become effective for you and Santo Antao Tour.  Santo Antao Tour will send the customer a travel confirmation electronically by email. Our services start in Cape Verde.

2. Services
a) Our services result from the service description according to our website and from the travel documents. Special requests on your part or ancillary agreements are only part of the contract if they have been confirmed in writing by Santo Antao Tour without reservation. You are responsible to inform yourself about the applicable entry requirements.
b) Program changes may become necessary due to unforeseeable events such as weather or force majeure. If a program point cannot be carried out, Santo Antao Tour will look for an equivalent alternative.

3. Early termination of the trip
If you break off the trip prematurely for any reason, the price of the travel arrangement cannot be refunded to you.
In urgent cases (e.g. your own illness or accident, serious illness or death of a person close to you), our tour guide or the service provider will help you as far as possible in organizing the early return journey.

Santo Antao Tour reserves the right, also in your interest, to change the travel program or individual agreed services (e.g. accommodation, type of transport, means of transport, airlines, flight times, etc.) if unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances make it necessary. o Santo Antao Tour endeavors to offer you equivalent replacement services. In particular, Santo Antao Tour is not liable for changes in the travel program that are due to force majeure or official measures for which Santo Antao Tour is not responsible. Santo Antao Tour will inform you as soon as possible about such changes and their impact on the price.

All our hikes and tours require physical and mental health. Please inform us if this is not the case. Santo Antao Tour is not liable for accidents that are not due to gross negligence. In these cases, claims are excluded. 

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