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excursions São Vicente 

Take some time to discover the hidden spots on São Vicente and learn more about Mindelos culture. Hike trough craters, along the desert coast and swim in the cristal blue ocean.

hiking tours 

Santo Antao Tour, Mindelo, Mindelo tours,  hiking tours santo antao, wandern kapverden, trekking cap vert, sao vicente tours

Along the coast from Mindelo to Salamansa

  • Hike 2-3 hours
  • 6,5 km
  • Moderate

On a moderate hike, you will walk from the living are Cruz in Mindelo, along the coast to the fishing village of Salamasa.  After a short ascent, you will be revarded with a view of the sea. Salamansa became a famous wind surfing spot over the last few years, not only by tourists, but mustly by the locals. Relax and enjoy the view, or eat a fresh meal by the bar at the beach. 

Viana Crater - Saragarca beach - Calhau

  • Hike 3-4 hours
  • 15 km
  • Challenging

The excursion starts in Calhau and leads over a sandy path to the top of the Viana Crater. Together with your guide you will walk into the Crater and up again, where you will have a breathtakig view over the coast line and many beaches. On clear days so you can also see the neighbour islands Santa Luzia and São Nicolau. The hike continues to the beach Saragarça, from where on you will walk along the coast back to Calhau. 

Insider beach hike

  • Hike 2-4 hours
  • 5,5 km
  • Moderate 

The name of this beaches can not be found in any travel guide. In order to preserve their beauty, we will not mention their names. The moderate hike starts in a fishing village and it takes around 2 hours. After your arrival, you have enough time to relax and enjoy the calmness of this place, until the driver picks you up. The challenging one takes around 4 hours.

Natural swimming pools of Fateja

  • Hike 4 hours
  • 10,5 km
  • Challenging

This tour is without question a very demanding one, but probably one of the most impressive. The natural swimming pools of Fateja are protected by high mountains and sharp rocks. It can only be reached by hiking and climbing. Keep your eyes always open during the excursion, as you may see turtles!

city, culture & landscapes

ribeira bote city tour

How does Mindelo look behind the touristic city center?

  • 2 hours

Our local guide in Mindelo will show you on a 2-hours tour the neighborhood Ribeira Bote. There is a lot to see in the former red light district of Mindelo, nowadays known as the artists district. On the tour you will visit the local market, a family house, artists and social projects, where you can get in contact with the locals and get a sense for Mindelos culture and its history.  

island tour by car

Visit the must-see spots in one day on a tour around the island , with local guide and driver

  • 6-7 hours

First stop: Monte Verde, the green mountain. With an attitude of 744m it is the highest point of São Vicente and it offers its visitors a great view over the island. The tour continues to the villages of Baía das Gatas, Salamansa, Praia Grande, Calhau and São Pedro, where you will enjoy your lunch with view to the beautiful beach. In Calhau you will have the possibility to visit a local cheese factory. 

special experiences

katxupa cooking class

  • 5-6 hours

Cooking with locals in a family house in Mindelo

It used to be the dish of the poor ones. Today, Katxupa is an integral part of everyday Cape Verde cuisine. With our local guide you will stroll through the charming city of Mindelo and buy the necessary groceries for the dish. Cooking takes place in a local family house. 

While the rich stew of beans, corn and vegetables is cooking, you will drive to São Pedro. Don't forget your snorkeling equipment, because here you can watch the native turtles! After the beach excursion, a delicious lunch awaits you.

beach clean-up 

  • 4-6 hours

A passionated project that runs under the name Simili that has set itself the task of transforming rubbish washed up on the beaches of São Vicente into art

The tour starts in Mindelo. You drive to the coast to Norte de Baía and stop on the way at the viewpoint of the highest mountain on São Vicente: Monte Verde. Once you get to the coastal road you will do a short walk to the Praia Grande beach. Here you will receive a large bag and gloves to start with the beach clean up. You will collect various materials, such as plastic and fishing nets. 

After the bags are filled, you will drive to Salamansa. Here you visit the Simili studio and look over the shoulders of the women as the nets are transformed into bags by traditional handwork. A local guide will then lead you through the streets of Salamansa. Here you experience the village life up close and enjoy a well deserved-lunch.